15 Best Travel vlogs to watch in lockdown

Travelling has always been associated with fun, pleasure, and most importantly living for moments you always dreamt of. “Planning a trip a night before and just heading towards the destination was the actual plan”. Because we believe that pre-planned plans get cancelled at times. (In my case it is Hell Yes! But it’s alright if your pre-planned plan works. That’s great!)

From the past few months, we are locked inside our homes searching for an escape to travel the world out there. Though it is not possible to go out and enjoy every moment to capture the essence of being in the lap of nature, who said we can’t enjoy the beauty that this world has to offer.

A visual appeal is much better than 100 thousand words. What words can’t describe, visuals do. Maybe watching these amazing vlogs of some of the best storytellers and travel filmmakers will help you satiate your hunger for wanderlust.

If you have reached this far in this article Congratulations! You have made a right path to satiate your hunger for travel.

Here is the list of top 15 travel vlogger and of course their vlogs to watch during this lockdown, in no particular order. Enjoy reading the article and don’t forget to watch the works of these amazing artists!

1. Iz Harris

Follow for: Amazing Drone shots, professional video making

Iz Harris, a Washington DC-based YouTuber, a travel filmmaker, producer, and host. Currently producing Travel and food series for the eaters out there. She has been travelling the world and sharing her amazing experiences on her youtube channel. Watch her “72 Hours in Austria”. Follow “Iz Harris” to watch a travel filmmaking series of a strong family woman whose videos speak more than my explanation.

2. Casey Neistat

Follow for: Travel & daily vlogs

Casey Neistat is a travel filmmaker, an American personality, and the co-founder of Beme( which was later acquired by CNN). His travel shots are amazing that made me stunned. He is a man of big camera shots, wide lenses, and drone shots as well. Watch his “ Life in LA”

3. Sam Kolder

Follow for: Travel Vlogs, Crazy Editing, FPV Shots

Sam Kolder is the most popular name in this travel vlogging industry. A talented Travel filmmaker, creator, and artist. Sam has captured some of the amazing places in the world. I know every filmmaker does a lot of hard work to put it in front of others but he is my personal favorite. Watch his “5 days in Bali”.

4. JR Alli

Follow for: Mindblowing Editing & CInematography

JR Alli, a 20-year-old who is just of my age doing such a mind-blowing work. I was so much inspired by him to do things up for your selves that I started working for the things I aspire to.

Watch his “Home, The Vietnam Story”.

5. Nic Morley

Nic Morley is a man with guts. He left his job to pursue his dream of traveling and capturing moments. Though he has only a follower count of 10K it is no way in correlation with the number of efforts he put in.

Watch his “Solo Travel inspiration, Java- Indonesia”. And don’t forget to subscribe. It helps a lot to such creators to come up with new and interesting videos.

6. Ayush Wadhwa

Follow for: Breathtaking visuals, crisp storytelling & a podcast

Ayush Wadhwa, a BITS Pilani student, an Indian travel filmmaker, storyteller, and also the host of the latest podcast Cup Noodles to Career. He always had a knack of traveling and exploring the world to capture the best moments. Over the last two years, he has been traveling across the globe to follow his passion of travel filmmaking. Watch his video “How I Lost 56,000 in Dublin” ( it is my favorite vlog as I have watched more than 10 times) and follow “Ayush Wadhwa” on youtube to experience travel at the comfort of your home. Don’t forget to listen to his podcasts and follow him on Instagram for all the latest updates.

7. Mike Visuals

Follow for: Experiencing Life from a different angle

Mike Visuals is all about living life to the fullest and filmmaking. He is always inspiring people to go out and travel, experience the world and nature differently with a tag line of “Travel, Create and Inspire”. Watch his “Kauai, the paradise”.

8. Beautiful Destinations

Follow for: Daily Travel and lifestyle inspiration

Beautiful destinations is a daily travel and lifestyle inspiration. The uniqueness of presenting places and sharing stories of the people in their videos keep the audience engaged. They are on a mission to captures stories of the indigenous people and highlighting incredible places.

Watch “The Oaxacan Chemist”. Don’t forget to follow and subscribe to its youtube channel.

9. Vaga Brothers

Follow for: Discovery of Culture and interesting places in the world

Alex and Marko, two brothers from the United States who travel to live. On a mission to explore some untouched and unseen places of the world to bring them out and showcase these interesting places to the people through there in a different way. Watch their “Sri Lanka| The next Top Travel Destination”. Follow “Vagabrothers” on Youtube, tell them some unique places in your country and they’ll come to explore them for sure.

10. Mark Harrison

Follow for: Travel, tutorials, and Vlogs

Mark, is among one of the best travel vloggers who love to travel and try new things out. He also shares his travel experiences that can astonish and scare you at the same time. Apart from travel and vlogging Mark shares various tutorials on photography. If you are looking for someone for photography and editing tips then Mark is your man. Watch “12 days all around Turkey”. Don’t forget to subscribe to “Mark Harrison” on Youtube for all the latest travel and tutorial updates.

11. Carlos Costa

Follow for: Video Shots and Brand Marketing

Carlos is a freelance video maker, Brand content marketing consultant, and also an entrepreneur and founder of Nido- a communication app for students. Carlos is from Barcelona. Right from the beginning of his travel video making, he has explored more than 75 countries. Watch “Road trip to Taiwan”. Subscribe “Carlos Costa” for Go Pro, Sony A7II, or Super 8 camera.

12. Suitcase Monkey

Follow for: Practical Travel experiences

Suitcase Monkey is a channel based on real-life holidays of a man who’s more interested in quality over quantity. They provide a real-life experience (of himself and his wife). But more than their presence, their motto is to showcase the places at its best. Watch “20 Must-Visit things to do in Kyoto in 2020”. Follow “Suitcase monkey” to never miss out on their amazing travel experiences.

13. Tanya Khanijow

Follow for: Solo Travel, Travel Vlogs

Tanya Khanijow, an Indian Travel filmmaker, solo travel enthusiast whose dreams have more fire than the sun. Tanya is among the youngest filmmakers in the country. On her channel “Tanya Khanijow”, she shares her travel experiences with the most beautiful places in the world. Also, exposes the scenic beauty and the lifestyle of the place. If you are also the one who wants to travel solo and wants to enjoy the sunkissed morning on some days, go follow her youtube channel “ Tanya Khanijow” and watch “How to solo travel and be confident| Namibia Africa”.

14. Lost LeBlanc

Follow for: Passionate Travel videos

Lost LeBlanc which means Let’s get lost together is a youtube channel of a passionate traveler and filmmaker. There is a different vibe in places we travel and this is what the host depicts. Left his job and dedicated his life to full-time travel filmmaking. The host of this channel is my personal favorite. But it does not mean that I am gonna leave my graduation the way he did. The thing that he made me understand is to do what you truly love else you have to love what you do. Watch his “How to travel Bali- 14 days in paradise?” Subscribe “Lost LeBlanc” to get lost together. And don’t forget to follow him on Instagram.

15. Tess Christine

Follow for: Ladies gang trip

Tess Christine is a perfect channel for those who want some travel outfit tips, skincare, and also about travel vlogs. There are a lot of videos on everything a girl needs for her travel and also for usual days. Watch “Italian Summer Vlog”. Subscribe to “Tess Christine” if you want more fashion updates.

Wrapping Up!

Binge on youtube and watch the work of these amazing, talented and young travel vloggers. Don’t forget to subscribe to them to never miss any latest updates.

Do let us know which vlogger you liked the most. Drop your comments in the section below and don’t forget to share this content with your friends.

Hope you enjoyed the content. Happy Virtual Travelling!


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