a drop of tea.

Hi, my name is Srishtea Madaan. I'm 20, and I'm nervous most of the times, for no particular reason.

People call me 'Tea'. You can, too.

You know, when you're writing a 'Blog', you usually know what you're doing. You research, you collect data, etc etc, but then there's me...; nothing.

When I first decided to write, I jotted down some topics, downloaded aesthetic photos from Pinterest to attach, but then I thought; if I were a reader, I'd like to know about the writer first, rather than directly reading about their favourite travel destinations and how they saved money while buying a plane ticket online. (no offence to people who share that thank you for the tips we love you).

But that's the direction I'd like to steer in.

I realized I didn't want to write about my journey/favourite artists/(yada yada yada) before I told you a little bit about myself. We will get to the former soon!

So, if you're interested in knowing a little bit about my weird self, please continue reading. If not, thank you for making it this far, please enjoy Ayush's beautiful website now that you're here. (do that anyway, but ok).


So, for most of my life, I'd been very camera-shy and had managed to not show my face on social media for almost 4 years since after joining, but I guess I'm okay now, so here's a little 'i tried to be aesthetic' photo of me.


Now that you're familiar with my face, lemme tell you a little bit about myself.

I'm a freelance artist. I paint. And dirty my clothes while painting. I love colouring my hair just as much as i love colouring the canvas. I've had over 18 different hair colours in the span of past two years. Four months ago i shaved my head, and I now look like a cute little boy in my XXXL t-shirts and baggy pants.

I love playing with colours. I love the details. My arms almost die during the detailing bit, but it's worth it. I love recording the BTS of my babies.

Art is therapy. The process is therapy.

These are some of my artworks

This video is what happens behind the scenes. The process is peace.

I'm from a small town in Haryana; Rohtak. Most of the people i meet don't know about it. I kinda like the fact that they're unaware of this place.

I've dreamt of travelling the world for as long as i can remember, but my journey started late.

You see, when your mom loves the comfort of her home and doesn't even like the idea of travelling, family vacations become a once in a blue moon kinda thing.

But I wasn't interested in that anyway. I always wanted to travel solo. (will share more on that soon.)

Kids weren't really nice to me when I was in school. It took me 12 grades to realize how I was different from everyone and why I never could make any nice friends.

College was okay, for the first six months that I attended it, before dropping out. It was one of the best decisions I've ever made.

I sometimes wish to have experienced the dreamy college life, but I don't regret my stand. (if you're wondering why I did what I did, I will be writing about everything in detail in the upcoming blogs.)

I don't usually like being around people. I mean they're okay, but i like spending time with myself more. I have a couple of friends. They're nice.

I'm an ambivert. And I love it. I feel in control of my social behaviour. It's nice.

I like Nature more than humans. I like Nature more than anything, to be honest. It's beautiful. It's calm. It speaks to you in a language that you can only understand if you truly listen. 60% of the photos and videos in my gallery are nature. The remaining 40% are memes.

Corona Virus brought me closer to Nature than I was before; while being locked-down inside my home, I longed for that cool breeze softly touching my face and making me feel free as a bird more than ever. I missed the views, the hues, and the blues.

It's been a month now, I've been going out almost every day, working a new hobby; Cycling.

I get to spend time in Nature, adore the lush green trees, watch beautiful sunrises and sunsets, hear the birds singing AND burn calories! YAY.


Buddha is my favourite man in the whole world, and I will share my love for him and the reason behind it real soon.

I'm an honest person. The kind of honest that might hurt your feelings. I don't mind being that way. It's better to be honest with someone than to make them believe a lie.

Everything I've written until now is honest.

I have a lot to share, but before sharing all that I just wanted you to have an idea of who I am. You now have a perception of me, which might or might not reflect in my next writings.

If you've made it this far; I'm grateful.

Throughout the process, I was nervous. But I knew that I wanted to put myself out there. I don't have any filters. I like to share.

I'll be writing about Art, Music, Travel, Buddha, My journey with Anxiety, Dropping out and maybe more.

So if you're going to be a part of this journey, Welcome.

I appreciate you. I respect you.

Love & Light

Tea <3


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