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Updated: Aug 15, 2020

Before I get into the crux of this piece, I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Sayesha Anand, and I’m a Fashion Design graduate from the National Institute of Fashion Technology, Mumbai. I was brought up in Dubai, and, having a very different understanding of the Design Industry before actually stepping into it, today, I can also add Print/Graphic Design, Illustrating and Content Writing to my accolades. I’ve wanted to become a Creative Entrepreneur for quite some time and I’ve decided to start progressing towards it. There's a three-fold concept that helped me start my journey towards becoming a Creative Entrepreneur, and, I thought it’ll be fun to share that with you all.

As an individual with a creative tingle, I face multiple challenges every day. Managing a full-time job and an internship made me realise that I can't work ‘for’ someone. I was familiarized with the term ‘Creative Entrepreneur’ in 2019, while I was in my final year. I didn’t pay much attention to it, because like every brown household, my first milestone was to get my degree and a good CGPA. Throughout the 7 semesters, out of 8, I was a straight-up 7 pointer, and it didn't bother me much. In my final year, I realized that Digital Illustrations and Print Design are my strong points and I am pretty good at it. May 2019, I graduated with an award for my Graduation project, my first ever 8 SGPA and, a sense of great accomplishment. Like I mentioned in my introduction, today, apart from designing clothes, I am a Print designer and an Illustrator. After having worked for 2 companies, with very different experiences, I was getting closer to the idea of wanting to be an Entrepreneur myself.

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What followed, was a series of panic attacks, every time I sat down to make a business model. I owe those panic attacks big time, because, they introduced me to the concept of ‘STARTING SOMEWHERE’. That’s your foundation, and, your most important decision as well. A very popular misconception that makes the rounds, is that your degree defines you. It does, but only to the point, you graduate. There’s a reason why School and College are so different, not just as a concept, but also as an experience. School gives you your basic education to exist in the world, College, on the other hand, builds your personality so that you not only exist in this world but also survive it. There was a point, where I would think of a new business idea, every single day. They were all useless because they all missed out on a very big step, ‘PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT’. You’ve got to give your consumer, a good enough reason, to spend money on your product. As an artist, you have a particular taste, and sometimes, your taste is a reason for your disappointment. You feel like you’ve fallen short somewhere. It's okay to feel that way, because every time you try again, you slowly bridge that fall and get one step closer to convincing your consumer, that your product is exactly what they’re looking for. That brings me to my final point, ‘LOVE WHAT YOU DO’. To accept, embrace and, be confident of your work is so essential because that’s what fuels you to move ahead. Creative fear is real, and it exists. If you can do what you love, then why not love what you do? Have your own back! It does go a long way.

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In the first draft of this article, I had stopped right here and I was suggested to get a little more in- depth of my experiences. That is when I was introduced, yet again, to a character trait of mine that I have always ignored. My impatience. I don’t know if its just me, but, I feel this constant need to ‘finish it off’. That’s not something I would recommend because impatience stops you from giving your absolute best.

I’ve spoken about the three things that, I believe, are of utmost importance but I’m now getting into the truckloads of stress that comes with it every single day and how you can dodge that because It took me a while. There are moments in a day, particularly at odd timings, when my mind generates idea’s at a rate that cannot be explained. That’s when I decided to invest in a ‘good’ planner, with AMPLE amounts of space to write down my actual to-do-lists and brainstorm about things. On the first page of my planner, I made a small mind map of the next five years of my life. Where I see

myself, what happens when I start making the money, and how to invest it, when to execute Plan A, what will I do if Plan A doesn’t work and what will I do if Plan B doesn’t work (really hoping it doesn’t get to that because Plan C is not even close to being a Plan C yet). But this process made me realize that it is so important to be prepared for the worst, because that makes you indifferent to small setbacks, which, in the long run, is great!

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Digital Illustrations and Print Design, have always been my strengths. Which is exactly why I decided to base my Plan A (my business) around it. It all seemed pretty sorted till here, and then this thing called Capital Investment came into the picture, which led me onto a lookout for freelance work, internships, and pretty much any sort of work that could help me build some capital for my startup.

This is where I’d like to introduce you all to two of my batchmates, who very recently started their Design Studio (the link of which I will share at the end of the article). Shireen Varma and Jaee Satam decided to bring their creativity and hard work together and created BINGEART Design Studio. It is an all-under-one-roof digital solutions studio that does Branding, Marketing, and Merchandising.

Not so long ago, I joined them as a Content Writer and Graphic Design Intern, and every single day, working for them has taught me so much about how even the smallest details matter (very good for impatient people, like me). I look up to both of them in so many ways and even admire their work ethic. If you guys can, go check them out, they’re doing a great job with the kind of experience they have. That’s the kind of path I see myself taking, and I know I will, with time.

I wanted them to share a little something about their experience, so here it goes. ‘’Since we started BingeArt, every single day has been a learning experience, be it Social Media handling, Marketing, Softwares or even managing time and workload. What I love the most, is that every time I try to make a client happy, I push my limits and step out of my comfort zone – because when we work for ourselves, we are our own best client, It is when we work for others, our skill is tested too.’’

Shireen Varma, Co-founder, BingeArt Design Studio

Illustration/Graphic by BingeArt Design Studio (

‘’ I enjoy the whole process honestly. Waking up, ticking off tasks that are based on YOUR growth, even if it's client work, because at the end that creates goodwill for BingeArt, which is our growth so that's pretty good. Curating content and giving our 100% has helped us in so many ways because we don't have a choice but to give our best. It's stressful, and liberating at the same time’’

Jaee Satam, Co-founder, BingeArt Design Studio

Illustration/Graphic by BingeArt Design Studio (

I hope to use this great platform to share my experiences further and inspire at least someone out there, who is skeptical to take a step, as I did. I’m going to leave you all with a quote by an author that inspires me every day, and an illustration that I made when I decided to make a living out of it.

‘’Which is the best game? There isn’t one. If the player is doing his best, his game is the finest.’’ – Ruskin Bond

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