how to start photography?- a complete beginner's guide

“Knowing why to start is easier than how to start”. The moment you decide to do something different in life is where the actual hustle in life begins. Be it a hobby, a passion turned into a career, or anything else. The same is the case with photography.

Photographs are not just a piece of paper with figures painted with colours, it is an emotion that remains alive in the heart forever. “Pictures are the return ticket to memories and places”. Therefore, it becomes really important to capture memories with utmost care and perfection.

There are a lot of people who take pictures with their cameras all the time, but not everyone is the photographer. It takes a completely different level of interest, a burning desire to shoot something with utmost focus, patience, and bring out the best of what is in front.

If you too have the same burning desire to click some good photographs and showcase your hidden talent to the world, then this article belongs to you.

Do you want to get into Photography- Ask Yourself?

Few questions that I always ask from myself before starting something new- Why do I want to start this? Do I really want to do this? Am I clear on this and the list goes on? Similar questions are on you. Ask yourself the "why" again and again before you truly want to get into something. No matter what maybe you are going to do it as a hobby (or anything else). But ask yourself these questions again until you have all the answers after introspection.

If you have found your answers then Congratulations! Now you can take the baby steps to start something new. Stay tuned because the best is yet to come.

Starting with Photography

Here are some tips that would help you start your photography. Let’s get started:

1. Find Your Niche

Do you like to click portraits, landscapes, or are you into abstract photography? The first and the foremost thing while starting with photography is to find your niche. It becomes very easy to start in your comfort zone because it is the place where we feel safe. Find the type of photography that you love and proceed with it by clicking as many pictures as you can.

2. Get a good camera

A camera is the most basic yet essential tool for photography. Getting a good camera is not a hard nut to crack. But if you are a beginner who knows nothing about the cameras, then here is the list of 10 best cameras you can buy. Don’t worry if buying a camera in the starting stage looks heavy in your pocket. You can start by capturing photos with your smartphone and then analyze them. Remember analyzing something after doing is very important. Once you get clarity in your photographs then you can switch to basic cameras to start your adventure to become a better photographer (strictly speaking in terms of the technical perfections & not the creativity.)

3. Know the basics

A good photographer is not the one who knows everything all at once but is the one who has a strong foundation. Therefore, it is very important to know the basics of photography while starting with it. To learn the basics of photography and video editing you can watch various tutorials, and then take action. Remember knowledge comes by applying, everything else is just information.

Watch Ayush Wadhwa’s latest tutorial on how to edit your photos like Sam Kolder, a famous travel vlogger.

4. Go out

The best thing that I like about photography is the mobility associated with it. You get to see a lot of things outside if you are a crazy traveller or wanderer by heart. Start small but make sure to go out. It can be just a stroll in the park to observe nature, and capture moments or watching sunsets, maybe clicking pictures of random people on the streets or anything else. But go out become as active as you can because photography is a blend of moments and places captured with focus.

5. Grow everyday

To be good at anything it is very important to be consistent. This is the most important rule in photography too. It’s okay to have a couple of bad photos in the beginning but don’t leave it in between if you truly want to show your photography skills to your friends or the world out there. Just be consistent with your work. Understand the flaws every day and work on them. No matter what just grow at your own pace.

6. Take your time

Just like any other hobby or profession takes time to flourish, this too will take some time to blossom fully. Don’t be anxious about becoming an advanced photographer in a little time. Have patience and work diligently towards it and you’ll get where you want to. Don’t force yourself to gather all the professional stuff that you won’t need in the beginning.

Track your progress, know where you are, and then take steps to improvise it. Learn different techniques, experiment with different themes, or even try to find your signature way of shooting things before demanding payment for your talent.

Be patient and take your time to reach your highest potential in photography.

7. Attend workshops/ Watch Tutorials

If you don’t have any idea about what photography but dare to start with it, then start watching tutorials on starting photography, stepping into editing and various Lightroom presets. If you want to attend a workshop then this too can help. Go out and learn from the best photographer. If you don’t want to spend too much money on workshops then try to find a free stud that can teach you a lot. Maybe binge youtube, watch a couple of videos on how your favourite filmmaker started his journey, how to take perfect photographs, and so on. Try to find free things first because you can then spend money on your gears.

8. Practice, Practice, and Practice

Practice as much as you can because there is no substitute for it. Practice and analyze. This is the key to a perfect photographer.

9. Understand Light

The most crucial factor that defines a photo is light. Therefore, for a photographer, it is very important to understand light and use it for his benefit. You can make it with ambient light, maybe sunlight, exposing yourself to light-dark combinations to understand the nature of light.

Do not put too much pressure on having light modifiers. Try to keep it simple by trying it with a couple of props and start reading the direction of light, changing movement concerning it, and so on.

10. Find an anchor/ Mentor

Intrinsic motivation is important to keep you motivated for the work you love doing but finding an anchor or a mentor is also very important. Find someone who can inspire you to take pictures. It can be your friend, a famous filmmaker, or someone you know who started photography just the way you did and is now doing great. Find someone who knows how to keep your kindled flame alive for it. A good mentor will always act as an anchor to hold you, teach you new camera tips and photography tricks. If you know them personally then you can assist them in their work.

My favourite photographer and filmmaker, Ayush Wadhwa had it all from youtube. He had the desire, focus, and consistent efforts he became what he wanted. And now, he is giving back to the platform from where he got because this is what he says “I believe there is an ecosystem, you have to pay back to the things that helped you reach where you are (Mera manna h ki Ek ecosystem hota h, tumne jaha se paya wha lautana bhi hota h)” and these are the best lines I have ever heard from Ayush.

Thus capturing it all

Photography is an art that captures emotions. So, start slow, grow at your own pace, and see where you are. No matter what don’t stop growing because there’s always a way and YOU TOO CAN DO IT. Thanks for reading the article. If you have any queries, do let us know in the comment section below. Also, don’t forget to share this with your friends who you think wants to start with photography.

Happy Photography!

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