My favorite creators and why they should be yours too- Part 4

Hello, dear reader! This the third installation of what would (hopefully) be a long series of my favorite creators. If you missed the previous installations and would like to give them a read, allow me to redirect you to-

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When (Ayush) Wadhwa approached me to write for his website (I hope that's what this is), he also suggested a few topics to mull over. As a rule of thumb, when you're waking up from a writing slumber, you accept whatever is readily available to you- be it topic, content, or inspiration.

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In this semi-cooked, off-the-top-of-my-head list of topics, I found one that called out to me. It was simple, the topic was common. But, whoever would write it, would inadvertently make it unique. I saw my window. The topic simply said- My Favourite Creators. I have had the great fortune of knowing these creators personally, and I count them and their creations a cherishable blessing.


As all freelance writers are paid heaps of dollars for their work, I too have been reimbursed to my heart's content to praise this next favorite creator of mine (Here, I have used the tool of sarcasm, which can be very well observed in the italicized free in freelance. You see, my wit, that's something I'm really proud of).

Okay, so this paid sponsorship is done by the owner of this blog himself: Ayush Wadhwa. I wouldn't be calling him Ayush. Since when are people with quotidian names addressed by their first name. Henceforth, he would be referred to as 'Wadhwa'. It gives more of an eminent feel to him. Singhania, Oberoi, Wadhwa. Yeap, sounds better.

Wadhwa's official description will tell you he's a freelance filmmaker, a storyteller by heart, and an engineer by choice (not his). He can be seen chatting up people in a fabricated voice, distributing his business card, and ending every sentence with 'Like, Share, Comment and Subscribe'.

Which, I have to agree, is not bad advice.

You like traveling, right? I'll be bold here and assume that either you do like traveling, or you have mentioned on your Tinder profile that you do.

Do you remember that one moment, regardless that you're at a beach or traversing around the hills, which you find hard to describe, not because you suck at expression, but because it's so transcendental?

Well, sometimes you can remember, sometimes not. For the times when my memory fails, I tend to rely on .mp4 files. Oh man, I'm so old I don't even remember which file extension they use for videos nowadays. But, yeah I wanted to find a cooler way to tell you that Wadhwa makes travelogues, which are immaculate in their attempt to recreate the same feeling of transcendentalism.

Videos like this one:

Sometimes, I think of Wadhwa, and then I immediately think of the cool and good-looking Bunny from Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani (YJHD), and how they're so not similar. But, at least Wadhwa tries. He has proclaimed YJHD is his favorite movie, he is Ranbir Kapoor, and he looks as cool while making videos that someone is filming him. Well, since the last thing definitely doesn't happen, he likes to feature himself a lot in some, or all of his videos.

It's hard to miss him, he is as much in front of the camera as he is behind it.

I cannot deny this: his material is sticky, it's contagious (I never thought sticky would be a more positive adjective than contagious, thanks COVID). On so many weekends, I have found myself turning on YouTube on the telly (ooh, so British, wow), browsing through Wadhwa's channel, and just relishing the content.

The locations are exquisite, the shots are perfectly timed, the videos are edited with precision and so much heart. Nights and weeks have been put in to make these videos look like visual treats. When you see the videos, you'll know. You can't miss it, his work won't let you.

Some of his travel videos are all cool and enchanting, others are hilarious. They'll have titles like:

How I LOST 56,000 INR In DUBLIN? | Not a Clickbait! | Indians in Ireland Travel Vlog Ep.3

This is definitely a clickbait, and you should definitely watch it. For those of you wondering how he lost 56K, the answer, in short, is that he's a rich idiot. Or maybe he isn't. You can find it out yourself here

(What a cliffhanger, and how organically it was fit in).

In addition to these insane travel videos, really candid vlogs, Wadhwa also has something in store for his co-creators. This probably stems from the strong feeling of community he has when it comes to freelancers, artists, and fellow creators.

If you'll watch any of his videos, the professional finesse each of them has will undoubtedly impress you. And what might impress you more is that he's just 21 (Wadhwa, you might be 22, but somehow pitching you as a smidge younger seems more impressive). Investors, I suggest you get on this gravy train while you have the chance.

When he's not shooting for the big brands, you can find him devoting his time to passion projects, such as his recently found love for Podcasts. Listening to them, and now making them. The podcast is as weird as its name: Cup Noodles to Career. He talks about everything on this podcast, about college life and dream jobs, about artists that inspire him and also (a lot) about himself. Sometimes, you can't help but think how intimate the details are, and how one gets to be so brave (or stupid) to put them out there, for the world to see and scrutinize. But, that's just Wadhwa. He's shameless, he's unabashed, he's a free-bird, he's irrational, a round peg in a square hole. He is driven, and he is passionate. He is relentless.

So, if I were to bet my money on someone who would make it big, I'd call the bookie to place a fat wad on this man.

A couple of years ago, I had the pleasure of working with Wadhwa, on a real passion project- ones that are hard to come by. It was called 'The Thespian'. Written and co-directed by Prasad Deshmukh, it was shot in a dingy 12ft x 8ft hostel room. Wadhwa was responsible for all the camera-work and editing. I shot the scenes and returned unsatisfactorily to my room thinking this would be another shelved project.

Not only did 'The Thespian' see the light of day, but it also became my favorite project. It became a recurring film to be displayed in BITS Pilani's Critical Analysis of Literature and Cinema class and went on to be nominated for a couple of Film Festivals too.

I strongly doubt if it would have been have as promising as it was, without Wadhwa behind the camera to shoot it, and behind the screen to edit it.

You can view the film here:

And just like that, Wadhwa continues on his journey to breathe life into his projects.

If you feel like it, explore the site you're already on. It's his.

And I shall see you next time, with another favorite creator o' mine.


About the author- I graduated from BITS Pilani in 2019 and have been working with Oracle in Bangalore ever since. I like to think of myself as an artist at heart with a penchant for philosophical blabbering, and grunge.

Feel free to message me on Instagram- @fading.facades

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