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Updated: Aug 20, 2020

Hi. I am Disha Ramrakhani. I am a fashion designer, stylist, illustrator, art director and sometimes I make doodles in motion on after effects. Over the lockdown I’ve discovered I can create a lot of things. How? I spent a lot of time trying things while I was bored. I’ve made notes of the things I noticed that made me actually proud of the artist I’ve become so far and I’m becoming.


I once came across a video. It just suggested how to be a healthy artist or designer. I am in fashion every day. Every day I come across a new kind of silhouette of a top or pants or an illustration style which seems way too impossible for me to achieve. But I practice on my iPad. I fail. I am exhausted. I WALK AWAY FROM MY iPad for a while. Sometimes I grab my mat and explore yoga poses; or make videos of it with different filters on Instagram. Sometimes, I grab my paints, paintbrush and a piece of textile and let water and colours do magic; mindfully or mindlessly. And sometimes I make a mess in the kitchen and achieve halfway bland gravies. That’s what I am saying.

Do your art, practice your art. BUT EXPLORE other stuff too.

That way, when you return to your work/artwork you will have fresh ideas to come up with.

I mentioned ‘EXPLORE’ It is kinda vice versa? We are making our art and we all derive references. I am an art director with a fashion photographer, I derive my references from a lot of visuals in fashion, scrolling through Pinterest, Vogue Runway, Behance, photographers like Kay Sukumar and more for ideas. But once I found a song so moving, I rang my photographer friend and said, ‘we are doing a shoot based on this song. We will show fashion with this song’. I closely observed what the musician is talking about and I saw the music video of the song. I got my colour palette, I got what mood I wanna create and how we can show fashion with a niche touch on awareness. I am saying if you are addicted to Pinterest and Instagram, use it to look for artists, not just your genre but any and every. That’s my favourite keynote of being an/an artist/designer. You broaden your perspective and always surprise yourself with the details you can catch by just understanding the art that’s right in front of you. I recently came across a slow fashion designer who has validated wearing ‘the back of your notebook’.


This is most important I’d say. Social media is great but always ask if you’re doing something that makes you happy and excited. There are gonna be so many times that you would just wanna leave. *Read my first note again*. And if you don’t wanna do that either, give yourself slack. You’ve got to take that break and listen to the human you are.

Repeat after me ‘I’m not a machine assigned to the same task’. It is okay to not post content every day. This has been something I myself found a challenge. You are not defined by your numbers. You are defined by the kind of comments you get. You are more than your numbers. I am more than my numbers. We are who we are with our art. Our art grows either for ourselves or by someone who says ‘I really like your art, should we collaborate?’ And there you go, you are one unique hashtag away from building your tribe. (PS if you wanna charge for your art; be humble but unapologetic about it. Some will agree to what you ask for, some won’t.)

So these are my notes, my practices that made me so many titles that I mentioned on top. From my days of college when I was so mindful of staying with the trends to finish my projects, questioning and doubting my ideas and staying in the comfort zone... to this ‘where’ I find comfort in looking other kinds of art... I saw growth, I saw acceptance with myself, I saw love what for I did, I saw myself loving myself.

This is some of my work. All the visuals are created over the time I was exploring the notes I posted. Some were created as a break from life and some were created after that break.

Thanks for reading!

You can find me on Instagram; @disha.ramrakhani in which I talk everything fashion and in which I design fashion from music.


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