My Top 20 Favourite Creators On Instagram - Part 1

Updated: Jul 18, 2020

Over the last 4-5 years, Instagram has become the go-to place for artists. We live in a time where your Instagram Profile is like a mini-portfolio and that too to a point where you might even get a job based on your profile. Keeping your Instagram Profile aesthetic and up-to-date with your work, is becoming more & more important, and these creators know exactly how to do that.

That said, these are some of the creators that I feel deserve much more love and audience than they already have!

Here's a list of my top 20 Instagram Artists, in no particular order.

1. Dhruv Bhende (@thedhruvbhende)

Follow For: Never seen before street photography and some firey concert clicks 📸

It's been almost a year since I bumped into him during Oasis (BITS Pilani Fest) while both of us were shooting on stage. Since then he has been blowing my mind away with his insane pictures and a unique colour style, with saturated and vibrant colours, popping out of your phone, screaming nothing but QUALITY.

2. Mili & Ameya (@runway_wings)

Follow For: Couple Travel Goals ❤️

It's been more than a year since I discovered them and I have never been more jealous. Engineering at BITS Pilani left me out single but at least I can always tune into their account for some Couple Travel Goals. Their trips and travel stories will leave you wanting for more and will motivate you to take a flight right at that moment.

3. Karan Narula (@mediokaran)

Follow For: Crisp AF Sound Design & B-Roll🔥

With his crispy b-roll combined with a million layers of creatively put sound design, Karan will never disappoint you with his work. He has a very unique storytelling style which is worth following for.

4. Vicky (@crevixa)

Follow For: The Best 'Trip' Of Your Life 🚨

Vicky, aka Crevixa, has been of my best discoveries on Instagram. With a unique trippy style of his own combined with a hip and fast-paced edit, Vicky promises a roller coaster ride with every video that he produces. His music videos are some of the best I have seen of this kind.

5. Shivam Bapat (@thebalconyofinfinity)

Follow For: Happy vibes & beautiful travel pictures ❤️

I'm so glad I found this account. His whole account is full of happy pictures from all around the world. With an eye for some of the most creative travel pictures that I have seen on Instagram, his posts & stories will always bring a smile to your face.

6. Ayush Wadhwa (@ayushwadhwa) 'SHAMELESS PLUG 😂'

Follow For: Crispy Travel Films & filmmaking tutorials 🎥

Sorry readers, if I can't use my own blog to promote my Instagram, then who will. I'm a BITS Pilani Engineer turned storyteller. I aim towards my audience some crispy and cinematic travel videos. Watch 'How I Lost $1000 in Dublin' Travel Story now. I also host a podcast called CNTC, for college students.

7. Pulkit Kalra (@pulkitxx)

Follow For: International Idiots Travel Series 🔥

This boy from Delhi has been doing wonders at 20. With an eye-catching Instagram feed and a true traveller's brain, Pulkit never ceases to amaze me with his content. Don't miss out on his travel Web Series, 'International Idiots'.

8. Anshul Keswani (@the.craving.lens)

Follow For: Out of the box street photography 🔥

Ever wondered how you can get a creative new shot from the same locations that have been shot a million times? His profile is a burning example of the same. With an eye for aesthetic and unique perspectives, Anshul is a top pick if you are looking for some out of the box street & travel photographers.

9. Srishti Madaan (@srishtea.madaan)

Follow For: Your daily dose of therapeutic art 😌

Srishti, as a creator, has always inspired me to do better and better. Her profile will leave you in awe and her style of painting is nothing less than brilliant. Follow her and grab her paintings before they are all sold out.

10. Aditya Bhansali (@adityabhansali_)

Follow For: Some firey dance videos 🔥

I met Aditya last year in Bombay and since then I have seen him grow at an exponential pace. I have not seen anybody grow like that in a long time. With an eye for aesthetics, his shots are nothing less than movie-like.

11. Abhishek Golecha (@ag.shoot)

Follow For: Radiant Portraits 🔥

Abhishek as a photographer has always inspired me to take my work a step ahead. We met through a project for 'Just Sul' and since then, he has only delivered firey content on countless Instagram feeds.

12. Yuveer Karunchund (@yuvikphoto)

Follow For: Intense Portraits 🔥

Yuvi has shot portraits for everyone from Bollywood actresses to models around the world. With a unique portrait photography style, every portrait of his has a unique story to tell. His portraits are not to be missed.

13. Rohit Jayal (@doofpix)

Follow For: Firey lifestyle & concert videos 🔥

If I'd have to bet on one creator who is on the rise in the concert videography game, then it has to be Rohit. Some of the most crispy and clean shots in the industry, combined with a pumped-up editing style, his videos will definitely grab eyeballs, wherever they are played.

14. Arushi Bhal (@arushi_bhal)

Follow For: Beautiful Macros & Vibrant Pictures

Arushi has to be my favourite creator in terms of handling colours in post-processing. The vibrant and carefully tweaked colours are not only on-point, but they are on the ideal path of being vibrant and still not looking over-edited. This is one underrated skill which takes her already incredible photography skill to the next level.

15. Shakti Shekhawat (@traveling_mondays)

Follow For: Travel Goals 🔥

Shakti's travel vlogs and photos will make you jump your seat and book your next bus/flight ticket. His videos are informational and fun at the same time. Be sure to check out his youtube channel for some chill travel content.

16. Ankit Bhatia (@ankitbhatifilms)

Follow For: Look at those colours 😍

Ankit is a travel filmmaker, just like me and Shakti. His calming editing style and voiceovers will make you feel all the emotions. His Bollywood style slo-mo videos on his Instagram feed are phenomenal. Watch his travel series on youtube!

17. Mohit (@mohitfornow)

Follow For: Aesthetic Portraits 📸

Mohit is one of the most unique portrait photographers I have discovered in a long long time. His colour palette and photography style will take you back to the golden era of Hollywood.

18. Nishit Sharma (@hopping_bug)

Follow For: Stunning Drone Videos 😍

Nishit is that one creator whose drone shots never fail to amaze me. Follow him to get a bird's eye view of the whole world. With a magical vision and firm control on his drone, Nishit brings the best out of all locations.

19. Asutosh Kashyap (@asutosh_kashyap)

Follow For: Cinematic Sequences 🎥

One of the most sought after cinematographer I have discovered. His clean shots and editing style will make you question if you are watching a movie or a YouTube video.

20. Deepit Badani (@deepit07)

Follow For: Firey Editing 🔥

Deepit will take you on an adventurous ride with his power-packed editing style and transitions. Do check him out for some crazy live stage edits.

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