Travel the WORLD From Home! ✈️

Ever wondered how you can travel the world from home? How you can experience the beautiful sights of Earth from the comfort of your house? Well, Google Earth Studio is here to rescue you.

Being a travel filmmaker, the whole COVID-19 situation hit me real hard. Overnight all of my travel plans and freelance projects got cancelled and I was left with a huge void.

Travelling has always fuelled me as a creator and I couldn't let this virus take that away from me, hence I got a little creative.

I discovered a truly amazing version of Google Earth, called the Google Earth Studio and I had found the perfect use for it.

Google Earth Studio is an advanced version of Google Earth and it literally lets you roam around the world virtually. So, I hopped on to the software, choose some of my favourite locations in the world and made a cinematic sequence out of it.

What Next?

Well, the video was an instant hit. It grossed over 42,000+ Views, over 3100+ likes and close to 400 shares on Instagram, across all features.

Soon, companies began to notice the uniqueness of the idea and the video got featured on Tripoto & WanderOn. Along with that, I got the opportunity to feature in the 'At Home With Tripoto' Campaign where I taught people how they can create a cinematic sequence using Google Earth Studio and roam the world.


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As the video picked up pace, I started getting a lot of DMs from my followers to make a proper YouTube tutorial on 'How To Use Google Earth Studio'.

Instead of making something which already exists, I realised that I can solve a burning problem. Drone shots have become increasingly popular when you are shooting a travel video. But do you really need a drone to take aerial shots? Considering the increasing strictness of flying a drone, Google Earth Studio can be a great alternative to show the Bird's Eye View of any location. It's still in its early stages and the image quality is still not quite 'realistic levels', it gets the job done.

Watch my full in-depth tutorial on 'How To Get Aerial Shots Without Owning a Drone?'

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